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surprising fish

surprising fish

In this afternoon , weather was little cloudy, then i decide to go fishing in little lake in departement of Drome, to go fishing little silver fish, i bought  1 rod to fishing with live baits, it shall done me waiting.



But after putting floor: made from surface ground bait and hemp floor i had problems to catch some roach, they are too big and shy.


I prepare my 8 meter's rod with a slidding float of 8 grams, and baiting a roach on my trebble hook with a special needle ( under skin and hook just on top of his head).




The first fish is just a trout but my float turn around , i try to hoocking but i missed.

The  trouts had been put in that lake, ever let some big rainbow trout for a surprise. 


 I put  other live bait and 1 hour later it restart bitting , that's a litle pike, i retreive just my fresh fish with losting scales and 1 cut of teeth. 

I change my tactical technic cause i think my trebble hook is smaller ,then  i  put one of number 8 and baiting an other roach. 


Two live bait losted their scales too an other time.

 In that time i 'm retreived my float from 5 meters and that's during i see a surface hunting behind my float, i put down my road , and that is start running, i let the fish take 10 meters of line and try to hooking.

That's a little pike !!!! not.... a sander, really surprising his up tail extract from surface some times, no finally  that's big perch!!!!


Let's you  see she, and she was very hungry ( a roach of 15 cm for live bait).dscn4775.jpg


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