Fishing on Frioul island

Fishing on Frioul island

We are some 18 august 2014, to go to fishing party in FRioul island Near Marseille city.


Starting point named " la pointe rouge"

 Dsc 0003

exit of HArbour la pointe rouge

 Dsc 0006

Quick sailling cause sea was quiet!!

 Dsc 0012

Some pictures of Marseille view from FRioul island area.

 Dsc 0013Dscn5446

Dsc 0011

Picture of  Frioul island.

 Dsc 0014

 Dsc 0017

Ready throwing anchor.

 Dsc 0016

First place of day.

Dsc 0020


Today fishing is simple, some worms  , 2 hooks rig  slidding or not .

 To conclued many species of fish named in france " serran, girelles, mendoles, daurade grise, sar, pageots, bogues".

 Dsc 0021

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