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Hemp boillies home mades

Hemp boillies home mades

To prepare hemp boillies we need:

-         1/3 corn floor

-         1/3 blend floor

-         1/3 hemp floor (crushing seeds)

-         8 eegs per kilo of mix

 -         extract vanilla  25 ml / 500 gr


Like any boillies receipe, roll on your boillies by hands or with special table in this case it's more difficult then you 'll have to ad sun flower oil (1/4 of glasse / kilo) dans ce cas.

Make water boilled put boillies into during 2 minutes average and waiting that floatting to throw that out.

Drying time 4 à 8 days.


This boillies are used to ground baiting, witch not so heavy take care about stream or make some big pellets.


Hemp boillies are very attractive about carps but not so selective.

Fishes into ground fishing area not let place during there is staying any one's.

Only boring thing , is if fishermen don't wants bream, roach into their carp zone fishing, this kind of ground baiting can be completed by a feeder fishing or pole carp fishing.  







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