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Waggler fishing Callelongue

Waggler fishing Callelongue

Exit, from saturday 31 january.

I take my montain bag , my rod holder and i put all under my bike , direction rockies of Marseille city, i stop my travel in creek near Callelogue just before arrived in village.



I had fishing with a back wind or side wind , at 20 meters far distance from the coast, the botom is vertical and impressive : 16 m 30 deph on my slidding float!!!! 



Concerning my float it was of 22 grs, balanced at 21 gr, concerning baits i have used shrimps filet, tied on my leader and  hook, concerning hook a number 10 size long shank special for trout, there are slim but very sharp and it 's possible to catch a 500 gr fish with.



 First step in this kind of fishing, commercial ground bait special sea , with dry bread.



I 'm starting fishing party by 2 broken line, denton are on my place but in 20/100 line it's loose per advance, one grate my line under rock and cut leader near my hook, the second break my line just after bite.

 A little half hour time later when our predators friend have been left area, I start to catch somes"bogues"




Then a "sar" 


Somes "bogues" then a "oblade",


one bogue then, a " vérade",



Ever somes "bogues", It 's time to leave, night is comming and during retreving of an other "bogue", she is heavy weight, light, swim or not, a squid catch her certainely during swimming way!!!! 


Changing technic a plastic shrimp special squid, a peer lead of 30 gr, and a drop shoot tip at 1 meter long from bottom, i have  missed 5 times but i shall successed to catch a squid that's the evidence!!!!   




That's a good journey, windy, during it was necessary to didn't forget double thick of wear, 2 tshirts, a rainning trouser over, and a big jacket. 





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1. oussama HYK 2016-02-08 08:39:08

Hey friend, it was an instructive post, however I have a question if you allow me to ask, how long was your leader? line from the sliding float to the hook? I am going to fish in a 12M deep area, and I am still hesitating how long should be my leader length

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