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Fly fishing Dordogne by bike.

I' m just return at home from a trip of fly fishning on the river Dordogne by bike betwen Sarlat city, Souillac city  and Argentat city, i have brought you somes pictures.


youtube's link:

The trip was well  done, i hadn't  broken anything on my bike neither i had carried 50 kilos of matérial under, i havn't any one flat wheel in 3 weeks, that's was exceptional!!!!!

Concerning fishing, i could see big salmon of 4 kilos during his jump, somes trouts betwen 40 and 80 cm unfishable, water was realy warm, 21 degreas in the morning so i finish my trip with just for best size 1 trout of 30 cms and a grayling of 35 cms which is my new best size for this species, very nice!!!

I caughtch with nymph's fishing my first smolt no really big just 23 cms but a little salmon so.

3 weeks of savage camps without troubles in marvelous places with many swimmers and many canoes that's  will limit my fishing time at 5h30 to 9h30 in the morning and for the afternoon  19 h at 22 h

So, cause water température was on high level, places for trout and grayling had let progressively place to places of perchs hunting and i shall caught some one's with nymphs and  dry fly.

You will seen in the movie, i does let me beat by this warm water and i made somes feeder's fishing parties with for best of 2 days: one day of 13 breams betwen 1 and 2 kilos and for the second day 5 barbels average 2 kilos and a bream in 3 hours!!!!

I hope you will like those  landscapes.

See you next for futurs aventures....

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