Fishing in Corniche (Marseille city)

Fishing in Corniche (Marseille city)

On this wenesday 19 november, that's direction border sea named "la corniche" in  Marseille city ,a place not so far to spend good time in rocks.


I had fishing all the afternoon.


The tackle:

One rod "bolognaise" mount with 30/100 line with a 6grs float, and 2 meters of leader in fluoro size 17/100.

A feeder rod with a feeder cage of 60 grs and a leader built in 25/100 ligne of 40 cms lenght.

Concerning hooks that's will be number 6 or 4 gamakatsu.

I ll throw somes balls of floor made of ground bait and anchovy floor + cheese floor.


As bait i 'll principaly used big shrimps and mackerel filets.



So i throw somes balls on my place put around my bait , a piece of shrimp baiting on my float line.

And throw somes feeder cages.

To have all fishes not far around, i fish with my 2 lines on the same place, as just 6 meters front.

I had ever 5 meters depth.

I will fished somes rocks fishes, a "saupe" and a little sea bream.




That's all, i had ever caught somes and it's good , during a warm days of november.



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