Drop shot tip for squid fishing

Drop shot tip for squid fishing

It's possible with few tackle to go fishing squid under flat and clean bottoms.

To build drop shot tip, we need a pear sinker of 15gr to 30 grs depending of depth , a main line in 30/100 minimal and so a plastic shrimp lure special squid.

My best squid lure 


It 's possible to used the lure uperwiew  which is leaded ,but it 's better to used a special lure to drop shoot  under wiew wich is not leaded.






Drawing of tip.

Montage calamarMontage calamar (26.5 Ko)

The lure special for squid is tied directely on main line at 1 meter of pear sinker mount in terminaly.

To attached lure, i make a double spoon knot explain in drawing under.


Noeud de cuillere doubleNoeud de cuillere double (28.5 Ko)

That's all, you know all, and as you to verify efficacity of this tip,day's when squid stay near bottom and don't go up surface to eating!!!


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