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Waggler fishing in board boat.

Waggler fishing in board boat.

So a new fishing technic from a boat, for fishers want to play with wiewing somes bite indications on theirs floats.

To do this kind of fishing, i had need somes floats to waggler fishing of flotating average of 30 grs to 60 grs, impossible to find it in a dealer of fishing supplies so i had to make somes.

I have used :

- BLANK of wood 6 mm for stem of float

- block of balsa 20mm /20mm from 1 meter long.

- candy tube yellow and orange  diameter 10 mm ( tube with suggar into)

- paint yellow and black.

- epoxy stick with 2 componants to stick attaches and tied stem under body of float .


Fluo yellow tube.


Upper of my stems are made with part of this tube, cutting in long size.

 My stems are so showy, and very sensitives DURING BITES;


Up of my floats



So my float of 44 and 45 grs.


Don't forget a tube to tide up float during carrying.


Concerning technic, we need to stop float 10 meters back of anchored boat, well set up deph of float to have sinker at 50 cms of bottom average.

Leader hook have 3 meters of his 4 meters stand on bottom, and that's key of succes in that's fishing if we want to catch somes sparidae, whoes eat only bait stand on bottom. 

When float is in place in back ground of boat and line go down we need to retreive line to straighting line and had better direct bite.

We shall to arm road as so as float go down cause leader hook is of 4 meters lenght and fishes make bites after well mouthing bait.

 The only inconvenient in this technic is fish whoes makes reverse bites in direction of boat, they are dificulte to see cause fishes swim during 8 meters before detecting on float, that's play as waiting for with "pageot" whoes swimming against current during bites and if they feel any kind of resist.

As ever the drawing to lighting this technic:


Peche en bateau a la calee a lPeche en bateau a la calee a l (29.5 Ko)

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