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tying about wings

tying about wings

So a fly tying abut simple fly,  really atractive une small forest's river.That imitate simple brown fly.



Hook size12 à 16

brown feather from peacock 


Special Plastic to make wings

 Brown Dressing line

2 feather from brown cockbird

 some varnish to finish.


On first time use a number 12 hook


Put your mount line and blocked 3 paon's feather.


Turn on your feather to form back part of fly.


Take a piece of plastic to make wings.



Fold in two part your piece of plastic to make wings.


Cut it to well size as you want to have, that's formed wings.


Fix on  two feather from brown cock.



Turn on first, Dscn5186

after turn second feather under first like palmer fly mount.


Doing head of fly and put 2 or 3 half return knot, then varnish.


That's super brown forest's dry fly.


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