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Wet flies fishing in Gervanne river.

Wet flies fishing in Gervanne river.


On this middle of afternoon , i had chosen to go fishing on Gervanne river in contry of Drome.

Name's place" les deux eaux".


That's starting of fishing period, and waters are ever white from snow thaws


I  fished with train of 3 wet flies.

My fly leader line in nylon is simple 50/100 to 18/100 , 3 meter lenght + 3 wet flies tied under  16/100 et 14/100 line.Dsc00378

My uper fly is a wet may fly , a black fly, and a white worm fly .

i HAD A 10 Feet rod with number 6 sinking line type S4


Flies i had been using.




Take care to had well fly rod moving , neither you will had knoting on indicator or first knot of head line with your 3 wet flies!!!!!!!! 

Let see you under picture !!!



A little movie to see countryside around this little river.

I m not realy a good fisher but 4.5 m lenght of head  line + rig  is long and difficult  to use in little river!!!!!

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