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silver fish cooking

silver fish cooking

Receipe of silver fish cooking :


We need fish sized 80 gr maximum, smaller are the best, roach ,silver fish, little perch if is authorize in your country.

 To had a nice part per persone, you must have 8 fishes minimum but hungry people can eat 10 to 15 fish without no problem.

Some perslay.

Some garlic.

Some blend floor and a pocket plastic bag.


1 lemon per 3 person.

a pan half fully by sun flower oil  

Cooking consit on mix garlic with perslay, roll  fishes into.

After put floor into plastic bag and put fish by 7 or 10 into, close up bag fully of air then shake bag to have well fish covering by floor.


Prepare only that's you can cook in 1 time in pan cause opposite floor will be wetting in contact of fishes . 

Put pan boilling and test temperature with 1 fish, oil will had to make big bubble around fish .

Your fish will'nt so oiled in that technic.  

So throw your fish into oil wait 3 to 10 minutes depends size of your fish, put out them when they are well golden, don't mater about , fish meat warming quick but you had to waiting golden floor to have better crush. 

Throw them out and put your fish on absorber paper.

Let them unoilling somes minutes, retreive paper , put salt and shake them  to put away over salt.



Ready to serve with quarter of lemon.

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