Fly fishing in Marseille

Fly fishing in Marseille

A new youtube's movie, fish has been looked for example, cause 3 fishing party so 3 times no catches.

But waters was  too clear and even fishing with front line size 22/100 i hadn't success to catch some one, opposite to i had sawn some amberjack of 5 kilo  and with my big fly at 50 cm of their nooze , no attack!!!!! grrrrr!!!!!!! 

This year many sea bass had been sawn sized betwen 400 to 800 gr.and about squids i had tried 1 time but no saw any one night during i tried my big flies special for , missed mission......!!!!!!!

About mullet in wet flies fishing during night, no attack during fishing into some group's of . i USED  A wet flies model assemble with  beige caterpillar,if some one know what's well wet flies working send me a message tanks!!!!

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