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conventionnal reel fishing tip

conventionnal reel fishing tip

For surf casting fishing in mediteranean sea i choose to present you conventionnal reel fishing.

This kind of fishng permit you to fishing at 120 and up to 200 meters length from coast.

You can cast bait and don't crush them cause energize is transmit to your rotating spool and not on your sinker or tip or bait .

 Take care about parts of rip and shock leader line should made with 60/100 line minimum cause it 's realy powerful cast with 180 gr sinkers and if line broken your  sinker may be trown at 300 or 400 meters .

No using this sort of fishing on beach with people.

My reel : i have a abu garcia 6500 hi ( high speed) and with this option of high speed retreiving the lenght retreive per turn is just 65cm.

I had put 40/100 line and 11 meters of 60/100 line in front, knoting by jigging knot for bread on nylon.



Rig i presents to you is an double unhook systeme,the best for quiet water because it possible to cast a hook's line  of 4.5 m  at 140 m length.



 doc1-montage-surf-double-decrocheur.doc doc1-montage-surf-double-decrocheur.doc

Tackle used:

The tube which used to make unhooking systeme is a plastique tube of 8 milimeters flatten after warming.

 When tip hit the surface of sea after cast the hook is eject and the line extend.

After the tip  will had been hiting the bottom, retreive your line of 6 or 8 meters to well extend your hook's line. and no  problème of knoting line by waves or stream.


I let you choose baits shrinps, sardines, squid, for using big bait surround them with slicon's elastic  line special for fishing to had a better aerodynamic during cast.

Fishing places are farest and fish biger ,current species are "sars" , red snapper, sea bream, "pageot" ,denton

No picture to show you but i ever caught some red snapper , "sar" sea bream " pageot " and some little rock fish, when stay on my hook just piece of bait.

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